Today I made it to the paper store 15 minutes before they closed. Not enough time to decide what I really want/need, but enough to grab a few samples. How dare they close at 1:00. Kidding.

On the way home dark clouds were looming and the sun shone brightly. It was beautiful. I love this kind of weather! A good song was playing and I turned it up loud, something I hadn’t done in a long time. By the time the song was over I wanted to scream. Not a frustrated scream, but the kind of scream that you’d do on top of mountain. I felt like I had this pent up energy, like I just need to do something. In the past what has helped is to put on some headphones, turn the music loud and go for a run. Lordy, I really should as I’ve gained about 4 pounds recently. Nope not preggers, negative and negative, but probably the Girl Scout cookies and home-cooked meals by hubby’s mom. hehe

All in all just a weird and restless mood.