Client stopped by yesterday for last minute edits and drop off a a disk. It could’ve been done thru email and snail mail, but maybe she just wanted to stop by. Client is very pleased with the work, and I’m so glad that it’s practically done… just some minor edits and it’s off to be printed. She asked for the balance of the payment and I gave her a figure. I have a soft spot for musicians/artists so I do it for a “small business” price. To my surprise, she countered and paid me more than what I asked. I was like: “YES!” I’ve never had a client do that. The past year I’ve been so used to Freelance Co. chop my quotes down or ask me to lower my price that I think I’m almost brainwashed by it. So this was a very pleasant surprise. And it comes at a very good time as Freelance Co. is not giving me more work, which is fine by me. I think they have the traffic person do the art now. Once I had a question like how do you make a shadow show up underneath a box in a PS layer. (To be fair to Freelance Co. they did offer me her job, but I didn’t want half my job to be trafficking/customer service. Plus I had a gut feeling telling me don’t take it.)

Anyway back to CD client… she’s hoping to keep me a little busy after the CD is released. She’s starting a business herself and in a few years she’d want me to work in her company once she has established things. I said sure. Also the printer who is doing her project said if I’m up for it, he can send stuff my way. I said that’d be great as long as it’s not all the time or a rush because I have an energetic toddler. He offered me this last time I did her CD, LOL. I wonder why I didn’t pursue this couple years ago? Ehh even if nothing comes of it, it’s nice to be asked. This time I’m on the fence about accepting work since I have Little J and paper biz… but if it’s work with good people, I would reconsider.

I wonder why all this is coming up? Freelance Co.’s door is closing so another opens? Is this balance? Where is my position going to be in this paper biz I’m pursuing? Oh when I look at the whole big picture it’s kinda baffling. I better go back to what I was just doing… cutting paper and ribbons and whatnot. I don’t want to think too much or else I’ll stop too long.

This might be the longest post I’ve written. That’s because hubby’s mom is in town, she got in yesterday. We were kind of surprised, but very glad she’s here. She wants to help and play with Little J. We’re greatful for that. Help with the baby is always a good thing. Woohoo.