Yes, I had 8 hours by myself on Friday. That’s the longest I went without little J, ever. My mom had the day off so I dropped him off at my parents after I took hubby to work. I forgot what it felt like to do things without a little person hanging by my leg. hehe.

I had plans of all these things I wanted to do… but I mostly finished up the CD project. I finally received all the elements to do final layouts and client is coming over Monday. Now the CD needs to be done as soon as possible. Good thing I was working while I waited and thank god I had the day off because I spent more time than I thought I would.

The day literally flew by. When 4:15 came, I felt I was ready to just drop. Drowsiness just hit me suddenly like a brick. I hadn’t had any sleep the past 2 nights because little J had the sniffles. But sleep will have to wait because I had to go pick up hubby. Sigh the sacrifice of having one car… it’s not too bad. It outweighs the monthly car payment, if we were to get another car.

All in all, it was a productive day. I got things done. Packed stuff I sold on ebay to be mailed off, in no time at all. I also had a chance to list some lots on ebay too… Clothing inventory that I had in the closet since the baby was born. I used to sell on ebay but then the fees got too expensive and I realized I didn’t like listing. What I liked was buying merchandise and keeping some for myself. LOL A bad habit. I’ll leave the ebay selling to my sis-in-law… she does it so much better. Now it’s time to get our closets back and just simplify.

If/when I make money in stationery biz, I’ll hire a babysitter every now and then!