I’ve finished my designs. I know what I need to do next: forms, catalog, figure out terms, etc… why don’t I just do it? I know it’s not the fun stuff, but I need to do it. Am I afraid? Do I need to break it down so it doesn’t seem like everything at one time?

Everytime I sit down to do it… I think of freelance stuff that’s hanging over my head that I need to do. So I do other people’s stuff first. I need to think of myself as a client because it’s too easy to put myself aside… because it’s me. I need to give myself a deadline like everyone else. Actually I should learn to put myself first so at the end of the day I won’t feel like ‘dang I didn’t get to do my stuff’. Kind of like when you save money, pay yourself first before you pay your bills.

I think it boils down to me not being organized, procrastinating and a little afraid.