We watch alot of Baby Einstein. Alot. We call it the baby mind control because our son just loves it. Anyway, I was reading about the creator of BE, Julie Clark on Ladies Who Launch. She took her great idea and became a super successful brand. One of the lessons she learned was to not trust anyone because somebody ends up ripping you off. I find that so sad but I guess it’s business? It’s one thing to be inspired by something, but to blatantly rip someone off? Ack

I’ve read that Big Card Company or Big Chain Store does it all the time. Why, when they are huge and could hire the best designers. Why not buy a license for designs? I don’t know anything about licensing, it’s probably expensive… but still there’s gotta be a way where both parties can make money.

I’ve been reading about copyright issues and I feel bad for those involved. Then when I came across the article about the Baby Einstein creator, it just made me think about it again. When Huge Company rips someone off, it takes from designer’s profit and a bit of their identity. We just want recognition for what we do and make a living doing it.