I’ve been tagged courtesy of shim+sons. Here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
[1] summer camp counselor
[2] retail sales from shoes to Sanrio: myfave retail experience (unfortunately no stationery boutiques or I would’ve learned something)
[3] artwork cleaner at tshirt place
[4] graphic designer

Four movies I would watch over and over:
[1] The Matrix (first one)
[2] Edward Scissorhands
[3] Charlie & Chocolate Factory
[4] oh yeah……… Fifth Element

Four places I have lived:
[1] Vietnam
[2] Bay Area, CA
[3] Orange County, CA
[4] …

Four TV Shows I like to watch:
[1] Grey’s Anatomy
[2] 24
[3] Alias
[4] …i guess i don’t have time to watch much…

Four Places I have been on Vacation:
[1] Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany)
[2] Vancouver
[3] Vietnam (more like an adventure)
[4] few parts of the US (faves: maui, nyc)

Four Websites I visit daily:
[1] various paper blogs
[2] some gossip blogs (terrible i know)
[3] paperpreneurs
[4] yahoo

Four of my favorite foods:
[1] indian
[2] thai
[3] italian
[4] malt shakes

Four places I would rather be right now:
[1] eating dinner in a restaurant
[2] at a spa getting a massage (i’ve never had one yet)
[3] perusing a stationery boutique
[4] hanging out somewhere alone with husband

Bloggers I am tagging:
[1] a little hut
[2] paisley wallpaper
[3] erika
[4] for the love of paper