January was a blur.

I’m now finalizing designs and also adding a couple more at the last minute. Gee I thought I had enough but I dropped a couple of designs and ‘saved’ some for development at a later time. In the beginning I was greeting card girl, then notecard girl and now back to greeting card girl. Ugh. My sidetrack ways is slowing me down. I’ve neglected the poor website… at this point product is more important. Without product what’s the point of a website.

Also I’m designing a CD project for a musician client/friend. Should be fun, but I feel like I have to top myself since I did her previous CD.

We’re down to a one-car family. Husband no longer works at previous job so he had to give back the company car. We’ll see how long 1 car lasts. So far it’s been okay and we like the extra room in the garage.