This is when I get a little work done. 🙂

The other night our friends ask us ‘why do you want to have another baby?’ Well… uh we’d like our son to have a sibling and um… Do we need a reason other than we’d like another one so we can just love him/her? It certainly isn’t a financial gain to have a kid LOL. Another friend said we want one because babies gives off a certain smell that makes us want to keep reproducing. What? She read it in a scientific article. I’d like to read that article myself. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. We know we only want 2 kids. If we sniff the next kid, it’s not going to make us want another one.

They bring up good points: Do you want to go through it all again? Be tired all the time? Busy with no sleep?
I’ve thought about all that. At least if there is a 2nd time, I know what to expect. I would quit freelance company. And hopefully by that time, I’ve got stationery biz all set up so I can be a machine and work on a schedule. Everything is doable, it’ll work out!