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This is when I get a little work done. 🙂

The other night our friends ask us ‘why do you want to have another baby?’ Well… uh we’d like our son to have a sibling and um… Do we need a reason other than we’d like another one so we can just love him/her? It certainly isn’t a financial gain to have a kid LOL. Another friend said we want one because babies gives off a certain smell that makes us want to keep reproducing. What? She read it in a scientific article. I’d like to read that article myself. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. We know we only want 2 kids. If we sniff the next kid, it’s not going to make us want another one.

They bring up good points: Do you want to go through it all again? Be tired all the time? Busy with no sleep?
I’ve thought about all that. At least if there is a 2nd time, I know what to expect. I would quit freelance company. And hopefully by that time, I’ve got stationery biz all set up so I can be a machine and work on a schedule. Everything is doable, it’ll work out!


That’s where I’m at. The supplies I ordered didn’t arrive. One place their warehouse was closed the past 2 weeks so my order won’t be mailed till next week. The 2nd place orders normally take 3+ weeks to ship. Normally? Should’ve read their shipping terms. I ended up cancelling since it’s only color swatches. I doubt I’ll order from them in the near future, so I won’t need the sample swatches afterall. Luckily I found another company whose shipping is not nearly that long.

Dang. At least all this makes me really think about production. I’ve been making mock-ups with what I’ve got. For the real product, I better have all my supplies ready and resources on hand.

The website has been put on the back burner a bit. I’m also rethinking that. Instead of trying to put up a site with a store, I’ll probably end up doing more of a informative site. And shop site to come later. It’s just too much to do all at once. I’m trying to do what is necessary and trimming tasks to make it more manageable… at least in my mind.

I just trying to simplify and focus. It’s not helping that ’24’ is back and they had two 2-hour episodes.

Husband, baby and I are visiting husband’s family again. There’s no internet where we’re staying, heck they recently got electricity almost a year ago. (They built a house in the middle of nowhere.) So my mind will be at rest for a few days then I can concentrate on the business again when we’re back. There’s so much to do and I’m really excited.

Right now we’re visiting husband’s sister and BIL so I’ll borrow their internet to order some supplies. That means I’ll have stuff to ‘play’ with when I get home. Cool.

The NSS is coming up in about 4 months. It’s exciting to read about it and hear others prepare for the big week. Too bad it’s only held once a year and only in NY. Since I’m in California, to just walk it would still be expensive with airfare and hotel. I do hope someday to be there exhibiting. But that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the line. Sometimes I wish it was held twice a year, one in NY and another in LA or even Vegas. I suppose that might dilute the whole importance of the show and inconvenience buyers a little since they have 2 shows to go to. Ahhh well.

I’m sure there are ways for a paper biz to grow even without being at the NSS. For now I’ll watch others prepare for their big week in May.

Happy New Year!

Okay… I give in to myself. I’ll make some resolutions….
• Exercise (this is always on the list… and I keep it up for about a month)
• Be organized (always a struggle)
• Get to bed earlier (this is a new one!)
• Make blog prettier and stuff, or at least add links (I should complete this one)
• Get website up and get biz rolling (okay this one is a must)

And I hope this happens
• Get pregnant