No, not the holidays. They were great. We spent time with my family, hubby’s family came to visit. Everything went very well. Baby was very sweet and loved all his presents especially the big box that his Herbie Car Pillow came in.

Just sucks when I think I have a really great idea but when I actually create it, it’s not as great as I envisioned. I just hate when that happens… well it would’ve been too much production work anyway. I’ve learned when you have to try extra hard to make something work, it probably wasn’t that good to begin with.

Today I got a work table so I’ll have a place to set things on. Leaving things on the floor is not an option anymore. And putting things away, when I’m not done yet, is counter productive. All in all, just prepping for the new year. Just when I was getting used to 2005, 2006 is practically here.

I don’t make resolutions because I never stick to them… so instead I’ll make a ‘2006 To Do List’.