Oh I’m back from a mini-vacation. Spent Thanksgiving with husband’s side of the family just outside of Vegas. It was cool to always have good food around and not have to do the cooking. Woohoo!

It was also great to have almost a whole week of chillin’ and not being on the computer so much. When I did get on the computer though, I mostly surfed and researched taxes and shopping carts. Yikes… have I got a lot to learn. I used to think supplies are just a straight write-off. It wasn’t until my sister-in-law told me about ‘raw materials’ that opened my eyes to a part of accounting that I never even wanted to think about. Ugh. If you use your supplies to make merchandise that you sell, it’s raw materials… so that opens a whole different can of worms. That lead me to research about accounting software. Yikes those things cost a lot of money. Ummm… I think I’ll do the old-fashioned thing… write things down in a notebook and then figure it out. Ay ay ay. As if shopping carts weren’t already making my eyes widen, now there’s tax issues to consider. Double yikes.

Uhh… back to happy thoughts. Thanksgiving… great food, great people.
And now it’s back to business again. Gotta find where I left off last week. heh