I’m really busy right now. I really should keep working, but ehhhh…. I need a break.

It’s weird… but putting out a list of ’20 random things’ about myself has made me feel like I stepped a bit out of anoniminity (is that a word?). Reading about others’ lists is fun too. Makes me smile about whoever I’m reading. If I wasn’t addicted before, I am now. Maybe I’ll stop being shy and leave comments on those I haven’t yet.

My Seller’s Permit came today. YAY!!!!!!!! Now I can send in my business license. I guess it’ll just be write-offs I have, since I won’t be making any money in the biz anytime in the near future.

Freelance client was trying to come up with an idea that I could do more work for the same money. Seems like they want a break in price if they’re gonna send me more work. Hmmmm… I don’t really want to do more work for less money. Of course I said no. They’ve hired new sales people, expanded into a new product… so I think they’re doing okay. If they stop using me I’ll be fine… if they find someone who’ll do it for less, more power to them.

It’s freaking hot, or maybe it’s this room I’m in with the computers. It must’ve been 80 degrees earlier today.

Looking forward to next week. Visiting husband’s family soon. This time next week, all I have to do is prep myself for a big meal the next day.