I was tagged by Paper Whore. So here goes:

1. I’ve always wanted to have my own product, do my own thing. I just didn’t know what it was, but I knew it had to be creative. I hope stationery is the answer.

2. In my former life I sung in a rock band. Seems like a millions years ago… ehh not that long, maybe a 1000 years.

3. I need more confidence in business because I second guess my abilities all the time.

4. In above mentioned band, we had one of our songs in a C. Fe ldm an movie. LOL I’ve not even seen the movie.

5. I learned to read at 3 yrs. and knew multiplication 1x-9x by the time I was 6. Don’t know what happened, it’s been downhill from there… LOL

6. I eat avocados with sweetened condensed milk.

7. I came to USA xxx years ago on the last plane out of the old country… or so I was told, I just remember riding on a double-propeller military plane that looks like a banana.

8. I wanted to study architecture because I want to build my own house. Chose graphics instead, and still want to build my own house.

9. For the longest time, I wanted to get a boob job so bad. I thought if I get it between boyfriends, they wouldn’t notice. LOL I’ve gotten over it and fine with myself now.

10. I don’t eat red meat much. If I have a burger, often I don’t eat the last bite.

11. I worked for a dot-com company in Hollywood for a year. We worked 12 hours a day, 7 days (6 hrs on sundays). Got nothing out it professionally, but got to know some awesome people. (oh yeah, Guilli ana Dep andi from E! worked there. She was their best spokesperson and was blond then. She wouldn’t remember me cuz we were pretty invisible in graphics dept.)

12. I kidded my friends about naming my son Keanu. Now they call him little Keanu.

13. My husband and I had a long-distance relationship for 1 year. I was in CA, he was in WashDC. That’s the same year I worked at dot-com company. No hubby isn’t a CIA agent. LOL

14. I had to redo 1st grade but skipped 3rd.

15. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. They may be tormented but at least they have powers.

16. I’m allergic to alcohol, therefore I’ve always been a cheap date. I break out in hives & turn beat red. I can get drunk, sick, hangover and then feel fine, all in 2 hours.

17. As overwhelmed as I get with having just 1 child, my husband and I would love another one. Call us crazy.

18. Sometimes I feel like a bad parent because I just want to take a break from it.

19. I like tofu as tofu. Don’t make it pretend to be any kind of meat.

20. In HS there was a girl who wanted to beat me up. One time in PE I accidently slapped her on the butt REALLY HARD. I thought she was going to kill me but she never bothered me again.

And a random bonus: My husband thinks I’m a walking encyclopedia for hair bands. LOL I’m not.
Even though he thinks that, I still love him & my son more than anything. There, that’s my touching thought for the day. 🙂

I will tag A Little Hut .