Been kinda busy the past few days. Nothing exciting. Freelance job is giving me work again. Don’t know what happened recently when there was 0 coming in. Ahh well, I enjoyed the bit of lull time when it lasted… I was able to crack open a book and attempt Dreamweaver. The teeny money will come in handy for the holidays.

Also helping out bro-in-law with Rock School stuff. He’s a music teacher and 2x a year, puts on a concert of kids (7-15yrs) in bands. Yeah, kinda like the Jac k Bla ck thing. So everybody’s busy. Husband does recording/mixing, and I do the photos, flyers, CD. I can’t wait till our son is old enough to participate. heh

I get stationery in there tho… still working on website. Actually finalizing on layout. Simple seems to be the route to go. Plus soon I’ll have to print the designs out on real stock to photograph. I was so worried about designs I almost forgot about the paper. Still shooting for early next year.

On a fun note, Paperwhore tagged me on the ’20 Things’ thingie. That’ll come in the very near future. Just havent had time to do it.