I just realized yesterday my right hand doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s a miracle! I had ‘de Quervain tendonitis’ which made it hurt to sign my name or make a fist. And my thumb was always easily knocked out of joint if I wasn’t careful. The doctors told me it was carpal tunnel. Riiiiight. After 200 years of being on the computer, I know what carpal feels like. Anyway, I googled and diagnosed myself. I should’ve gone back to the doctor but months later a chiropratic friend confirmed it to be de Quervain.

Anyway, it took about 10 months, but I think it’s gone! Knock on wood. It wasn’t overnight, and there were some relapses… but the past week has been solid.

I still can’t do a push-up like before, but I can sure use an x-acto! And in this business there’s lots you need your hands for!