I did it. I finally filed a DBA/fictitious name. It wasn’t hard at all and now I just need to get it published soon.
Also I dropped off my application for a Seller’s Permit. I went down there because I wanted it processed the same day, but they were way too busy. Boooo! So I just dropped it off since I’m not sure when I can get down there again.

So I guess I’ll have the business this year… not sure when the website will be ready yet though.
It’s actually becoming more real. I have scary thoughts of will I be able to build a website? Will anybody buy anything? Will I eventually have stores to wholesale to? eeeek One day/process at a time.

Halloween was nice. We stayed home and gave out candy. Baby J’s cousins all came over to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. Next year he’ll be able to join them.