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Oh I’m back from a mini-vacation. Spent Thanksgiving with husband’s side of the family just outside of Vegas. It was cool to always have good food around and not have to do the cooking. Woohoo!

It was also great to have almost a whole week of chillin’ and not being on the computer so much. When I did get on the computer though, I mostly surfed and researched taxes and shopping carts. Yikes… have I got a lot to learn. I used to think supplies are just a straight write-off. It wasn’t until my sister-in-law told me about ‘raw materials’ that opened my eyes to a part of accounting that I never even wanted to think about. Ugh. If you use your supplies to make merchandise that you sell, it’s raw materials… so that opens a whole different can of worms. That lead me to research about accounting software. Yikes those things cost a lot of money. Ummm… I think I’ll do the old-fashioned thing… write things down in a notebook and then figure it out. Ay ay ay. As if shopping carts weren’t already making my eyes widen, now there’s tax issues to consider. Double yikes.

Uhh… back to happy thoughts. Thanksgiving… great food, great people.
And now it’s back to business again. Gotta find where I left off last week. heh


I’m really busy right now. I really should keep working, but ehhhh…. I need a break.

It’s weird… but putting out a list of ’20 random things’ about myself has made me feel like I stepped a bit out of anoniminity (is that a word?). Reading about others’ lists is fun too. Makes me smile about whoever I’m reading. If I wasn’t addicted before, I am now. Maybe I’ll stop being shy and leave comments on those I haven’t yet.

My Seller’s Permit came today. YAY!!!!!!!! Now I can send in my business license. I guess it’ll just be write-offs I have, since I won’t be making any money in the biz anytime in the near future.

Freelance client was trying to come up with an idea that I could do more work for the same money. Seems like they want a break in price if they’re gonna send me more work. Hmmmm… I don’t really want to do more work for less money. Of course I said no. They’ve hired new sales people, expanded into a new product… so I think they’re doing okay. If they stop using me I’ll be fine… if they find someone who’ll do it for less, more power to them.

It’s freaking hot, or maybe it’s this room I’m in with the computers. It must’ve been 80 degrees earlier today.

Looking forward to next week. Visiting husband’s family soon. This time next week, all I have to do is prep myself for a big meal the next day.

Well just one in particular. The lady at the BOE office told me the I’d get my seller’s permit in 8 days if I dropped it off. It’s been 10 days. I called today, seems like they still haven’t even gotten to it. Daaang.

I saw Madonna’s latest video. The woman is 47!
In some magazine she said ‘if you do yoga everyday, you can have the body of a teenager’. For real? I’m gonna look for a good yoga dvd. I hope it’d help my mind relax too.

I was tagged by Paper Whore. So here goes:

1. I’ve always wanted to have my own product, do my own thing. I just didn’t know what it was, but I knew it had to be creative. I hope stationery is the answer.

2. In my former life I sung in a rock band. Seems like a millions years ago… ehh not that long, maybe a 1000 years.

3. I need more confidence in business because I second guess my abilities all the time.

4. In above mentioned band, we had one of our songs in a C. Fe ldm an movie. LOL I’ve not even seen the movie.

5. I learned to read at 3 yrs. and knew multiplication 1x-9x by the time I was 6. Don’t know what happened, it’s been downhill from there… LOL

6. I eat avocados with sweetened condensed milk.

7. I came to USA xxx years ago on the last plane out of the old country… or so I was told, I just remember riding on a double-propeller military plane that looks like a banana.

8. I wanted to study architecture because I want to build my own house. Chose graphics instead, and still want to build my own house.

9. For the longest time, I wanted to get a boob job so bad. I thought if I get it between boyfriends, they wouldn’t notice. LOL I’ve gotten over it and fine with myself now.

10. I don’t eat red meat much. If I have a burger, often I don’t eat the last bite.

11. I worked for a dot-com company in Hollywood for a year. We worked 12 hours a day, 7 days (6 hrs on sundays). Got nothing out it professionally, but got to know some awesome people. (oh yeah, Guilli ana Dep andi from E! worked there. She was their best spokesperson and was blond then. She wouldn’t remember me cuz we were pretty invisible in graphics dept.)

12. I kidded my friends about naming my son Keanu. Now they call him little Keanu.

13. My husband and I had a long-distance relationship for 1 year. I was in CA, he was in WashDC. That’s the same year I worked at dot-com company. No hubby isn’t a CIA agent. LOL

14. I had to redo 1st grade but skipped 3rd.

15. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. They may be tormented but at least they have powers.

16. I’m allergic to alcohol, therefore I’ve always been a cheap date. I break out in hives & turn beat red. I can get drunk, sick, hangover and then feel fine, all in 2 hours.

17. As overwhelmed as I get with having just 1 child, my husband and I would love another one. Call us crazy.

18. Sometimes I feel like a bad parent because I just want to take a break from it.

19. I like tofu as tofu. Don’t make it pretend to be any kind of meat.

20. In HS there was a girl who wanted to beat me up. One time in PE I accidently slapped her on the butt REALLY HARD. I thought she was going to kill me but she never bothered me again.

And a random bonus: My husband thinks I’m a walking encyclopedia for hair bands. LOL I’m not.
Even though he thinks that, I still love him & my son more than anything. There, that’s my touching thought for the day. 🙂

I will tag A Little Hut .

Been kinda busy the past few days. Nothing exciting. Freelance job is giving me work again. Don’t know what happened recently when there was 0 coming in. Ahh well, I enjoyed the bit of lull time when it lasted… I was able to crack open a book and attempt Dreamweaver. The teeny money will come in handy for the holidays.

Also helping out bro-in-law with Rock School stuff. He’s a music teacher and 2x a year, puts on a concert of kids (7-15yrs) in bands. Yeah, kinda like the Jac k Bla ck thing. So everybody’s busy. Husband does recording/mixing, and I do the photos, flyers, CD. I can’t wait till our son is old enough to participate. heh

I get stationery in there tho… still working on website. Actually finalizing on layout. Simple seems to be the route to go. Plus soon I’ll have to print the designs out on real stock to photograph. I was so worried about designs I almost forgot about the paper. Still shooting for early next year.

On a fun note, Paperwhore tagged me on the ’20 Things’ thingie. That’ll come in the very near future. Just havent had time to do it.

I just realized yesterday my right hand doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s a miracle! I had ‘de Quervain tendonitis’ which made it hurt to sign my name or make a fist. And my thumb was always easily knocked out of joint if I wasn’t careful. The doctors told me it was carpal tunnel. Riiiiight. After 200 years of being on the computer, I know what carpal feels like. Anyway, I googled and diagnosed myself. I should’ve gone back to the doctor but months later a chiropratic friend confirmed it to be de Quervain.

Anyway, it took about 10 months, but I think it’s gone! Knock on wood. It wasn’t overnight, and there were some relapses… but the past week has been solid.

I still can’t do a push-up like before, but I can sure use an x-acto! And in this business there’s lots you need your hands for!

I did it. I finally filed a DBA/fictitious name. It wasn’t hard at all and now I just need to get it published soon.
Also I dropped off my application for a Seller’s Permit. I went down there because I wanted it processed the same day, but they were way too busy. Boooo! So I just dropped it off since I’m not sure when I can get down there again.

So I guess I’ll have the business this year… not sure when the website will be ready yet though.
It’s actually becoming more real. I have scary thoughts of will I be able to build a website? Will anybody buy anything? Will I eventually have stores to wholesale to? eeeek One day/process at a time.

Halloween was nice. We stayed home and gave out candy. Baby J’s cousins all came over to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. Next year he’ll be able to join them.