Sometimes I get to the point where I think I should just scrap the business till my son is a little older. The kid does not sleep. Now that he’s finally sleeping thru the night, gets up anywhere between 5:30-6:30. Sometimes I can get him to sleep with me for a little bit more (depending on how early it is) cuz my eyes just aren’t ready to open. He takes only 1 nap for 1.5 hours. Last week there was 2 days where he slept for 2.5 hours. Have no idea how that happened. Then he goes to bed about 8:30/8:45pm.

So I’m always tired. And I dont’ want to take a nap when he’s napping cuz that’s precious alone time.

Yeah and I must be out of shape too (I know I am!). We were coming home from the park this morning and this couple who is about mid 40’s with TRIPLETS walking waaaaaay behind me… then I hear them puffing behind me cuz they’re gonna pass me up. They passed me up alright. The triple wide stroller walked right up the hill and I ended up waaaay behind them. Damn. I could not do this if I was in my 40s and they have THREEEEEEE. Damn. Oh and I wonder what they do for a living cuz I always see them out walking with the triplets.

Anyway… freelance client is giving me a bit more work again. At least I got done going thru the dreamweaver book. I couldn’t have done that if they were sending me work.

Ehhhh, maybe I should just take a day and take a dang nap, and go to bed EXTRA early and no working. That’s what I need.
I told myself I’ll get a babysitter once I start the biz and hopefully get busy. But it’s hard to do the biz with the baby. So that’s the catch 22. I had forgotten about the subject of this post.