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I am going to be more positive instead of whine about lack of time.

I’ll look at this whole thing as a journey… the destination is finally having a successful business. There’s going to be bumps on the road but you just keep plodding along. I guess my whole thing is I want it RIGHT NOW and I get frustrated with distractions. Oh well, so it’ll take longer than I want, but I’ll get there. I still want things up and running early in 2006 but if it doesn’t work out that way, I can always delay it a little. No need to put pressure on myself.


Sometimes I get to the point where I think I should just scrap the business till my son is a little older. The kid does not sleep. Now that he’s finally sleeping thru the night, gets up anywhere between 5:30-6:30. Sometimes I can get him to sleep with me for a little bit more (depending on how early it is) cuz my eyes just aren’t ready to open. He takes only 1 nap for 1.5 hours. Last week there was 2 days where he slept for 2.5 hours. Have no idea how that happened. Then he goes to bed about 8:30/8:45pm.

So I’m always tired. And I dont’ want to take a nap when he’s napping cuz that’s precious alone time.

Yeah and I must be out of shape too (I know I am!). We were coming home from the park this morning and this couple who is about mid 40’s with TRIPLETS walking waaaaaay behind me… then I hear them puffing behind me cuz they’re gonna pass me up. They passed me up alright. The triple wide stroller walked right up the hill and I ended up waaaay behind them. Damn. I could not do this if I was in my 40s and they have THREEEEEEE. Damn. Oh and I wonder what they do for a living cuz I always see them out walking with the triplets.

Anyway… freelance client is giving me a bit more work again. At least I got done going thru the dreamweaver book. I couldn’t have done that if they were sending me work.

Ehhhh, maybe I should just take a day and take a dang nap, and go to bed EXTRA early and no working. That’s what I need.
I told myself I’ll get a babysitter once I start the biz and hopefully get busy. But it’s hard to do the biz with the baby. So that’s the catch 22. I had forgotten about the subject of this post.

I’ve been spending time learning Dreamweaver the past weeks. The chapter on ‘tables’ was killing me! Right now I’m only half way thru the book. Boy it’s going to be one huge task trying to build a website. Shopping cart is another monster. I was just looking at Paypal shopping cart. Maybe I’ll start with that.

I’m near finalizing my logo to something I almost like. Whew… no wonder I never did any logos for myself. It’s so tough doing stuff for yourself.

That leaves no time to design cards. Oh well… there’s a few designs I’m good with but just have to finalize. This small business stuff alot of work! heh 🙂 oh and I should start thinking about all that paperwork I should be getting sometime.

Husband is tired often although he gets at least 8 hours sleep a night. I’ve been functioning on much less in the past year. Today I’m extra tired for some reason. I almost fell out of my seat going through Dreamweaver book. Now I’m getting my 2nd wind and going through another chapter. Maybe I’m spreading myself too thin. I made a goal to myself to sleep by 11:30 twice a week. I haven’t stuck to it. I’ll do it tonight before I fall out of my chair.

Yeah… I haven’t been working on designs lately. I printed out some designs a few days ago and it gave me a false sense of accomplishment. So I took a break and slacked off. I watched new episodes of Smallville and Alias. Both were interesting and I am going to be suckered into watching them this season. I wonder where Alias is going with the *shocking* storyline???? Maybe this will be the last season I watch it avidly… supposedly JG isn’t coming back? That’s like the lead singer of a band leaving.
Good thing we have old-fashioned VCRs so we taped both shows while I watch Todd Oldham’s Handmade Modern. (ooooooh makes me want to build stuff again.)

I’ve also been reading and researching a lot on PR, business start-ups, marketing. My eyes hurt and my brain is fuzzy. Have to cut myself from the internet a bit to design. Also, a web design company that I have been eyeing to someday build my site is totally backed-up and she also raised her prices. Bummer!! By the time I’m even ready for her, prices might be even higher since she’s seems to be picking up lots of biz from indie companies. Good for her/them, bummer for me. I just have to get my act together faster. Goal is to have live site early 2006.

On tonight’s agenda:
• Desperate Housewives (I’ve yet to decide if I like it, but yay for 40-somethings!!!)
• practicing Dreamweaver!