I really need to get a move-on in my creations. My dear hubby is having a tough time at job so I better be more productive in this endeavor. Freelance is down to a trickle so I better figure out ways I can start making money. Problem with stationery biz is that … it takes time. At least for me.

Personally I think if I had all my designs down, production would not be as big of a deal. I need quiet and alone time for designing. I could make production like an assembly line if I had all designs and materials in place. This is what I assume anyway.

Also, I need to focus on a style. I’m torn between 2 or 3 styles.
I initially wanted to do greeting cards, but realized it doesn’t come as easily. My designs aren’t necessarily occasion-specific. They seem to fall into the notecard category. And lately I’ve got a lot of ideas for gift tags/enclosures. Do people even buy enclosures?

All I can do is plod along. Things always look fresher when you look back a few days later.