The place I freelance for hasn’t given me new work for about a week now. I’m kinda glad and worried at the same time. When I get work, I’d have to spend my free time and nights doing the projects. So I was bummed that I didn’t get to work on card designs. Now without the work, I can do my designs at night. I’m not complaining but just a little worried I’m not making money. I just have to focus on stationery and remember that the client isn’t paying me big bucks anyway.

While we’re on freelancing… I gave a quote for another company for photo retouching which I thought that was below reasonable. They either decided to have their in-house person do it or someone else do it for less. They could have countered. It’s different if they were a teeny tiny company. Ahh well… more time for stationery. I’m better off anyway… My time valuable.

My baby boy is starting to take only 1 nap. Oh dear… have to start using my time more wisely.