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Woah. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Nothing new happening. Saw an episode of Desperate Housewives for the first time. heh. I don’t watch much tv except for hgtv (Handmade Modern was pretty cool tonight; also LOVE Kenneth Brown), Alias (which isn’t on right now), 24 (not on), rockstar inxs (over now). Hmm… for the 2 weeks we didn’t have cable I was more productive.

I’ve just been designing and thinking away. I was telling hubby what’s to stop me from filing papers and getting a business license this year? I want to get ALL designs done before I file anything plus there’s only 3 months left in the year. Why bother? Well I think that’s just me procrastinating. Maybe if I file it’s gonna be more a kick in the butt for me to work faster. I just don’t like forms and taxes! And since I freelance off and on, isn’t that like 2 businesses? Ehhhhhh….

Anyway, I’ve printed out designs just to take inventory of what I have so far. I can see if I need more designs for certain occasions or if I need to tweak stuff here and there. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. Cuz I’m cheap, I mean conscientious, and I don’t want to waste ink on something that’s not final yet!

On another note, freelance job is slowing to a drip. That’s a blessing and a bummer. It’s letting me have more time to design but no money to save up to put into ‘the business’. That means instead of hiring this one company to do a website, I’ll have to tackle dreamweaver again. I took classes on 2 different occasions and I still forget how to use that program. (Well 2nd time I was pregnant and didnt know it yet, so my brain was elsewhere.) It’s just as well since in the beginning no one sees your website anyway.

So I’ve got lots to do still … while keeping an extra close eye on baby who is climbing on tables and chairs now.

I just have to get over my fear and get official.


My baby’s 1st birthday was yesterday. Both sets of grandparents, some more family came and so did 6 of our friends who have no kids. I sure hope one of the couples decide to have kids, then they’ll really know what it’s like. heehee They don’t realize until they have one. And babysitting is not the same. My husband loves telling “Jackus” couple about things that baby does to gross them out. Anyway, the bday party was really fun… we celebrated with baby’s cousin since she is only few days younger. They both got to mush cupcakes. Cousin likes sweets but oddly the sweetness made Baby want to gag. Anyway, glad it’s over with since I’ve been fighting this headcold I caught from husband. I hope baby doesn’t catch it.

I’m glad we didn’t go to the beach today with husband’s parents. I think that would make my nose worse.

Instead, I’m motivating myself to do freelance job. Oh boy, I get to work with teeny tiny gifs that customer of client provides with a “beautiful” logo done in Word. Nice. Hmm and they have no text or content. Ooooh even better. I’ll just end up doing my own thing, I’d go nuts fiddling around with micro gifs. That’s what I do… try to turn poop into chocolate.

I’ll do cards later on tonight. Haven’t stayed up too late with this headcold plus I don’t want to husband’s parents to think I’m a nut always behind computer. If it wasn’t for this cold, I’d be feeling refreshed with getting to bed ealier the past few nights. I’ll make it a goal of going to bed 2 times a week by 11:30.

I really need to get a move-on in my creations. My dear hubby is having a tough time at job so I better be more productive in this endeavor. Freelance is down to a trickle so I better figure out ways I can start making money. Problem with stationery biz is that … it takes time. At least for me.

Personally I think if I had all my designs down, production would not be as big of a deal. I need quiet and alone time for designing. I could make production like an assembly line if I had all designs and materials in place. This is what I assume anyway.

Also, I need to focus on a style. I’m torn between 2 or 3 styles.
I initially wanted to do greeting cards, but realized it doesn’t come as easily. My designs aren’t necessarily occasion-specific. They seem to fall into the notecard category. And lately I’ve got a lot of ideas for gift tags/enclosures. Do people even buy enclosures?

All I can do is plod along. Things always look fresher when you look back a few days later.

The place I freelance for hasn’t given me new work for about a week now. I’m kinda glad and worried at the same time. When I get work, I’d have to spend my free time and nights doing the projects. So I was bummed that I didn’t get to work on card designs. Now without the work, I can do my designs at night. I’m not complaining but just a little worried I’m not making money. I just have to focus on stationery and remember that the client isn’t paying me big bucks anyway.

While we’re on freelancing… I gave a quote for another company for photo retouching which I thought that was below reasonable. They either decided to have their in-house person do it or someone else do it for less. They could have countered. It’s different if they were a teeny tiny company. Ahh well… more time for stationery. I’m better off anyway… My time valuable.

My baby boy is starting to take only 1 nap. Oh dear… have to start using my time more wisely.

This is an actual dream I had: flying on a giant carrot above a pool of water, battling an enemy.
I don’t claim to be an illustrator, this is just a sketch.
It was REALLY FUN flying on a carrot!

I’ve not been able to be very creative lately. The little guy has been waking up at nights so I’m kinda tired. I should start going to bed earlier too. It’s not like I’ve had to finish some freelancing lately.

Also been sad about the Katrina thing. We just cancelled cable so i’ve not kept up with news… I’m kinda behind on times… didn’t realize how bad it is. It’s like the tsunamis all over again. 😦

I should make a list of what to do when I’m not working on cards:
Doodle… anything
Work on logo

Ack… baby just woke up from nap. have to go.