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I finally have a blog!
Geez I don’t know what happened but I had trouble setting up an account the other day. But today… it was no problem. I somehow screwed up creating an account so I didn’t get the user name or blog address that I originally intended.

We’ll see how long I keep this up. I had a LiveJournal once, I had maybe 5 entries and then stopped.

So what makes me think I’ll write in this one? We had a baby almost a year ago so I thought this was a good way for family to see what’s going on. Plus, I’d like to chronolize starting a stationery business… hopefully by next year. I was thinking this year, but it’s nearing year-end and I’d like to get designs finalized first. But who knows.

I know a stationery business is not original. There’s thousands out there! Many really good ones! I thought that they were so great that I didn’t want to do something of my own. It’s like why bother?

Now that I’m at home with a baby I wish I would’ve started way back when. I come from a graphic design background. Once the baby(ies) has grown, I don’t want to have to feel like I’m starting over in graphics. I hope to have a business of my own so I don’t have to look for a job working for ‘the man’. Maybe it’s part laziness. But it’s mostly feeling like I have to compromise design to get to the end result. In the world of advertising, that will never change.

That’s why I’m going to create my path. Or at least try.